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Trenchless Technology

With Trenchless technology we can replace your existing pipes without having to do a lot of digging. We do this by digging only at the entry and exit holes of the section of pipe we need to replace. Once the holes are dug, we set up the pulling machine and start pulling the new pipe that has been fused together to match the same length as the old pipe right through the existing drain, led by the bursting head. Once the pipe is pulled through we just connect it to the existing exposed service pipes. That’s it! This allows you to save on all the digging and concrete work costs and allows you to save your landscape and driveways.

Pipelining Technology

Pipelining technology uses your existing broken and damaged pipes and also involves the least amount of digging. After we hydrojet your existing pipes a system is hooked up to the opening of the pipe and we start the Perma-Lateral™ Lining process. The Perma-Lateral™ Lining System / Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) is approved for lining existing 2" to 8" diameter pipelines in the City of Los Angeles, Ca. The approval has been granted by the City of Los Angeles, Ca. Department of Building and Safety per strict Los Angeles Plumbing Code (LAPC) requirements and 3rd party testing.



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Trenchless Technology